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We believe that we achieve success in day trading by being disciplined, focused, patient and by using great risk mitigation. If those values are important to you, our Trading Room will provide a place to trade with like-minded professional traders.

About The Trading Room

The heart of Fierce Trading is our day trading room. The focus of our room is to guide like-minded day traders with solid trading ideas. Members can trade at their own risk both from their own ideas and ones called by us in the room.
The room will focus only on high quality day trades that originate from gapping stocks and/or from climactic moves in stocks intraday. We believe that in trading less is more, so we only trade opportunity and we live this motto daily by focusing and calling only the best trades that meet our strict trading plan.
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After attending the Income Trader Mentoring Conference in Miami, I was able to follow a daily plan with confidence which resulted in an immediate positive impact to my trading. It was by far the most beneficial experience of my trading career!- Ryan D.
It is almost like printing money. I am so grateful to be here with you & all the fierce traders! Would have liked to find Fierce Trading years earlier. Fierce Trading is so worth the investment....it has been an investment in myself. Thank you!!!!!!- Lisa H.
Thank you both for your guidance! I crushed it this week...This is amazing, I am finally in the place I want to be!- Annie C.