Swing Trade Alerts

We trade gaps on a swing trade time frame utilizing 3 specific trade entries, two of which are end of day entries and one which is an intraday entry when applicable. This service will be great for both stock and direction option traders as most of the stocks we trade have good volume and options available for trading.  We will offer the entry, stop, and targets and will manage them throughout the trade. We will send out alerts through a private twitter account to subscribers with entry, stop, and target numbers as swing opportunities come up.

As we update the trades for trails, we will send more alerts out. This service is great for anyone who is looking to get great swing trading ideas that have an edge. In order to receive the alerts you will need to have a twitter account. Once your free twitter account is set up, you may have the alerts come to you on your smart phone, or personal computer, and you may even enable text messages to come to your phone with just the Fierce Trading twitter alerts (watch video below if you’re new to Twitter). Once you’ve made your payment, please search for us and submit a request to follow us on twitter at handle @FierceTrading. We will then approve you and will begin to receive alerts.