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What People Are Saying


The experience has been gratifying and life changing for me in so many ways. My bottom line is green (really green!) and my daily life has been so positively influenced that I go to sleep each evening looking forward to waking up and starting the next matter what the next day is; week day; weekend; holiday; ANY day! Now THAT is Quality Of Life Guys!

Fabio when you and I chatted about the workshop over 4 months ago, your enthusiasm for how certain you were that I could reach my goals is unforgettable. Your confidence was contagious and gave me confidence and that has moved me forward. You were Right! The workshop was invaluable helping me break my goals down into increments and the step by step approach gave me the tools I needed.

Thank you Fabio and Alphonso, I have kept my trading account green and it increases each month. My husband and I are planning that cruise to HA in 2017. I am also planning on surprising my husband with a longer cruise through the Panama Canal and a family cruise to Cuba (once restrictions are removed preventing military & military veterans going to Cuba).

The most significant change has been my ability to better support several charitable organizations very dear to my heart with not only larger monetary donations, I am able to give these organizations more of my time as well.

That is the greatest gift of all – TIME! I have more time for what I love, family, friends and my church, even hobbies. Thank you so much to both of you and all the fierce traders!

Lisa Hartman

I think I found the way I like to trade best! You guys have taught me so much. THANKS!

Kelly Hassler

I totally owe my success to Fierce Trading.

Lisa Hartman

I opened my trading account in January of 2016. My first trade was not successful. I was using indicators and other nonsense that I learned from other companies to enter my trades, but I wasn't quite grasping the concept of price action or probabilities. I attended the Fierce Mentorship Conference in May, learned a lot more by watching professionals (Fabio & Alphonso) trade and listening to the thought process when deciding the best entry. I was beginning to recognize and understand the anatomy of price action. After the mentorship, I analyzed my positions, which were losers, and came to the realization that I was holding on because of my mentality that "everything will bounce back." I dumped all my positions and started fresh. By implementing the lessons I learned from Fabio and Alphonso, my account started to reflect my mental growth. In my opinion the conference was invaluable.

The most valuable piece of information that I have applied from the mentorship are: probability + consistency = profit.

Jeremy Revere

You know that moment in every cheesy movie when someone sees something amazing and lights shine down from above and they hear angelic singing? Yeah, well that happened after absorbing this week's content (factoring in the rest of the content as well). Utilizing the knowledge gained from the mastermind group I've had the best trading week of my career this week.

Jake Bohem

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